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Have you ever wondered if you can be hypnotized? The truth is that the answer is yes. It’s not uncommon for people to use hypnosis in order to overcome stress, cope with pain, and even to help people quit smoking, if they so choose.

Hypnotist with a crystal ballCan You Be Hypnotized?

Many people have heard of hypnosis and have seen demonstrations or have been to a comedy club where people have been put en trance, but the truth is that hypnosis is a real medical technique. It is not magic or voodoo, but it is a natural way for people to be more in control of their own body and desires, with guidance from the person who is hypnotizing them.

In order for someone to be able to be hypnotized, they need to be willing to accept suggestions from the hypnotist and be willing to focus their mental energy on the suggestions that are being given. If a person is feeling stressed or anxious, it will be harder for them to be hypnotized, as the focus needed to be in the trance can easily be lost.

It is important to remember that although someone may be able to be hypnotized, the results of the hypnosis can be different for each individual. Some people may find that they are more in control, while others may find that they can’t help but follow the suggestions that are being put forth.

Statue of a guardian angelWhat Is Your Guardian Angel’s Name?

Do you believe that you have a guardian angel looking over you? This belief has been around for centuries and many people rely on their guardian angel for guidance and protection. For some, their guardian angel is a source of comfort during times of stress and worry.

Guardian angels are believed to be spiritual beings who work with us on earth and guide us towards our greater good. It’s said that each of us are born with a guardian angel whose name changes throughout our lifetime depending on the spiritual guidance that is needed.

If you believe in guardian angels, there are many ways to connect with yours and learn its name. One way is to write a letter expressing your desire to connect with your guardian angel. You can include your hopes and dreams or share your troubles or worries. Take your time with the letter and then set it aside.

Once you have written the letter, create a ritual where you spend a few moments to express gratitude and ask your guardian angel to make its presence known. Trust that you will be connected and open to whatever you receive. You may sense your guardian angel’s presence or you might even hear its name.

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Carl Sagan Quote: “We can judge our progress by the courage of our


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Hypnotized quizony quiz. Guardian name angels angel quiz quizony. 1990s rock music quiz

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