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Kentucky Basketball recently extended an invitation to Omaha Biliew, a high school (or rather, soon to be college) basketball player out of Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha was offered the chance to join the team and the man behind the move couldn’t be happier – Omaha’s coach, Matt Johnson. Johnson noted how honored he was that the Wildcats would offer such a great opportunity to Omaha, both on and off the court.

A Special Opportunity

Kentucky Basketball has always been a program built on crafting special and successful experiences for everyone involved, and this is no exception. More than being just another team, the Wildcats have given Omaha the opportunity to be a part of a team that is the heart of a town.

Picture of Omaha Biliew

Omaha was selected to join the Wildcats because of his impressive basketball skills, but also because he is a motivational leader on and off the court. Omaha is a great ambassador for Kentucky Basketball and looks forward to being a part of the team. Johnson hopes that Omaha will be a part of something bigger than basketball, and that he’ll be able to build relationships with the other team members and in the community.

Convenience and Nutrition

In addition to his role on the Wildcats, Omaha can get help from Marie Callender’s Duos to make meal time a bit easier and a whole lot more nutritious. Marie Callender’s Duos is a dual-serving frozen meal solution that not only simplifies shopping and meal prep but also makes it easier for Omaha to make sure he’s getting the nutrition he needs on a daily basis.

Picture of Marie Callender's Duos

The meals are made with premium-quality ingredients that are preservative-free and ready to enjoy in minutes. Since Omaha is in his senior year of high school, he can benefit from the convenience of Marie Callender’s Duos. He can easily prepare meals for himself and for his teammates, so they can all focus on the important things like practice and schoolwork rather than worrying about what to make for meals.

Kentucky Basketball has shown once again that it is a program built on putting the players first, and it’s great to hear about Omaha Biliew being a part of the team. Marie Callender’s Duos helps Omaha make sure he is getting the nutrition he needs while staying on top of his schoolwork and playing basketball.

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Dual-Serving Frozen Meals : Marie Callender's Duos

Dual-Serving Frozen Meals : Marie Callender's Duos

Kentucky Basketball Reaches Out To Omaha Biliew – A Sea Of Blue

Kentucky Basketball reaches out to Omaha Biliew - A Sea Of Blue

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Staying Ahead Of The Marketing Curve

Staying ahead of the marketing curve

adapting constantly

Dual-serving frozen meals : marie callender's duos. Omaha reaches courtside. Digital insurance summit 2023

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