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We all have special goals we’d like to accomplish- whether it’s related to our career, finances, relationships, or health. When setting out to achieve our objectives, having a SMART plan of action can help us accomplish our objectives quickly and efficiently. But what exactly is a SMART goal and how can we set one that is achievable and will help us reach the success we desire?


SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. Specific goals allow us to break down our overarching goal into smaller and more tangible parts- making it easier to track our progress. They also help us with being more mindful in concentrating on what exactly needs to be done.

An infographic displaying elements of SMART goals, including Being Specific, Setting Measurable Goals, Making them Achievable, Relevant and Timely

Measuring goals means we are able to measure progress and understand our progress in order to stay on track. Helping us to see where our efforts have paid off. Achievable goals challenge us to think about what is possible and by breaking goals down into smaller manageable parts makes it easier to keep moving forward. Thinking about if goals are relevant to our objectives and if they fit into our bigger plans and vision can prevent us from losing sight of the main objective. Lastly, our objectives should be timely- afterall the saying ‘time is precious’ isn’t one for nothing. Having time bound goals allows us to be more goal-oriented and manage our time more effectively.

Practical Tips For Achieving SMART Goals

An infographic displaying useful tips for achieving SMART goals, such as defining clear steps, staying flexible and breaking things down

Once we’ve established our SMART goals, it’s now time to think about how we can actually make the goals a reality. Firstly, identifying clear steps and actions will help us stay on track. Once we’ve done that, staying flexible to be able to adapt to changing circumstances is important. We should also focus on breaking long-term plans down into smaller, achievable mini tasks to ensure every step of the way is completed.

Setting aside dedicated time for our plans will also help us focus and give us time to think about our strategies, review outcomes, and make any adjustments. Planning regularly is key- so making checklists that can be updated frequently is an effective way to ensure we are meeting our goals. Taking breaks and recognizing our accomplishments no matter how small, ensure we stay motivated and help to reinforce our plans.

Overall, SMART goals provide a structured way to achieve the best results. By following the basic ideals of SMART goals, whether it be related to career, finances, relationships, or health, you can effectively stay on track and reach the success you desire.

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