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Professionals in blacksmithing are skilled in metalwork—creating metal items ranging from decorative pieces of art to metal parts used in everyday items such as horseshoes and cooking utensils. A blacksmith can also work with iron and other metals to create items like wagon wheels, hinges, fencing and gates that are used in building and construction. Becoming a successful blacksmith requires knowledge of identifying and selecting different metals and metals that exhibit the most desirable properties. It also requires skill in shaping and welding the metal, skills that take practice to develop.

Tools of the Trade

To be an effective blacksmith, it’s necessary to have the right tools for the job. This includes a forge, an anvil, vices, and hammers. Other tools that are commonly used in blacksmithing include tongs, files, drills, chisels, punches and swages. Some blacksmiths may also require a supply of charcoal for the forge, as well as lubricants to prevent rust. Once you’ve put together your work area, you can be ready to begin the actual work of blacksmithing.

A man working on a metal anvil

Creating Quality Products

Regardless of the type of product a blacksmith makes, quality is the most important factor. This requires the careful selection of metals that best fit the purpose of the product, taking into account both its strength and aesthetics, and shaping it for the results desired. This is where a blacksmith’s skill, training and experience come into play, allowing him to create works that have a professional look, feel and durability. Attention to detail is critical, from the initial selection of the metal to the polishing of the final product.

Safety First

Handling hot metal and using heavy tools inevitably pose a risk of injury. To minimize these dangers, blacksmiths must take precautions such as wearing protective equipment including gloves and safety glasses, and making sure that the hammer is always properly stored and secured. Additionally, blacksmiths should take the proper precautions with ventilation and waste disposal to ensure a safe and healthy environment while they work.

Night Auditor Job Description

Night auditors generally work in the hospitality industry, typically in hotels or motels. Their job is to provide customer service to overnight guests, as well as managing the financial aspects of the business. Typically, the night auditor will be the first and last person a customer will see and therefore needs to have good interpersonal and communication skills.

The night auditor performs many different tasks which include verifying charges, generating bills, handling payments, balancing accounts, reporting discrepancies, and providing customer service. More specifically, these tasks include interpreting bookings, scheduling room reservations and assignations, updating guest accounts, collecting payment, redeeming vouchers and coupons, managing check-in/check-out processes and keeping accurate records.

Picture of night auditor working at reception desk

Good organizational and problem-solving skills are also essential since the night auditor is responsible for responding to emergency situations that occur overnight. They must also be able to operate standard office equipment such as a computer system, cash register, and telephone. Furthermore, accurate mathematical and data entry capabilities are necessary for the job.

At times night auditors may be expected to work second shift covered by a different department during the day. This can include covering the front desk and helping guests with room service requests. The night auditor must also be assertive in order to handle any issues that may arise overnight and make sound decisions in the best interest of the business.

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