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We’re enjoying the arrival of warmer weather here in sunny Ottawa! This week’s SUNshineGirl is proof that the sunny season is here. She stands tall, with a confident composure and a “I’m-ready-for-summer” attitude. From her straw hat, to her chic linen dress, she exudes the effortless style that comes with being an Ottawa native.


Outdoor portrait of an Ottawa woman in a hat, wearing her chic linen dress

In addition to the fashionable spring-ready influences, the peachy pink that is weaved throughout her outfit ties in to the idea of love and is said to invoke feelings of creative expression and optimism. The whole look captures the emotion of being happy, stylish and carefree, something we can all strive for this season.

CEO Dinner

Dressed up people enjoying a dinner

Our next look is for the event to end all events — a CEO dinner! Dress to impress with an emphasis on high-quality tailoring. Those attending this “by invitation only” night must appear chic and contemporary, and the clothing choices should demonstrate an artistic elegance.

Lightweight spring suits, such as lightweight linens or fine-gauge wool, with advanced colour blocking or subtle pattern work create a look that is both timeless and contemporary, perfect for this type of gathering. For those daring enough, brighter tones, such as a mustard yellow, burnt orange and even ultra-violet, bring a modern twist to the classic black-tie look.

No matter the style, there is no doubt that these looks will take guests to the end of summer in style!

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Photo Page | HGTV

Photo Page | HGTV


hgtv hatfield

•The Underground Rail Road Is A Network Of Safe-houses

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SUNshineGirl | Ottawa Sun

SUNshineGirl | Ottawa Sun


rachel sun ottawa sunshine girl girls

Cat Selfie – Funny – Faxo

Cat Selfie - Funny - Faxo


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CEO Dinner (By Invitation Only) | ACG Denver

CEO Dinner (By Invitation Only) | ACG Denver



Rachel sun ottawa sunshine girl girls. Hitler_oil painting. Hitler hitlers aryan offen testament legt akte fbi blond

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