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What does every home need? Accessories, decor/paint colors, and furniture are all only part of the equation. To really make any residence stand out, there are some cool things out there that really make a home feel yours. From decorations to unusual add-ons that make a big statement, here are some items to consider for any modern dream home.

Grotesque-03Create a Feature Wall

Make a focal point to your living space with an artistic feature wall. Tap into your creative side and make a mural or large piece of abstract art. Pick colors and designs that suit your lifestyle and make the wall a conversation piece among friends. Install extra LED lighting to create a dramatic effect and make your feature wall come to life.

unique decor Bring on the Outdoor Fireplace

Need something cozy for a neighborhood gathering? A great addition is an outdoor fireplace. Whether gas or wood-burning, this piece should truly stand out as a piece of art. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, stones, and colors and make it as custom as possible. Add some seating and you have yourself a gathering spot you’ll never forget.

Make it Underwater

Swim-up bars are all the rage these days for luxury home designs. It can be like having your own built-in aquarium and have the kids swim up for an afternoon snack. For added flair and fun, find a company that can build a custom design and make it accommodate a handful of guests. This unique addition is one your friends will never forget.

Cloak it in Privacy

For those looking to add some mystery to their residence, investing in a ‘secret room’ is a worthwhile addition. While they can be expensive, the results will come out great and make the whole investment worth it. With a properly constructed entryway and finishing touches, make sure that your secret room stands out and is unique to your own style.

A Special Paint Job

Something special that can really set your home apart is a mood-boosting paint job. Find colors and finishes that make your whole residence sparkle. From blues and yellows to gemstone colors, make sure that your home has a special painting that will make your neighbors jealous. A great idea is to get a special mural painted on your gable-end wall to really make a splash!

Lightshow in the Garden

For the entertainer,wanting to light up the garden at night is a great way to keep the outdoor entertaining going. Rope Lighting and Fiber Optics are becoming increasingly popular and come in all sorts of colors to fit your every whim. Install these around the features of your garden, like water features and artistic sculptures, to bring them to life at night.

An Inside Story

Is there a unique story behind your house? Get it professionally printed on glass panels or wooden signs and hang it inside your home.Hang it in your living room, foyer, or entryway so that people can learn the history and character of your home. It will add an extra layer of personality and set your home apart from all the rest.

No matter what your home needs and style, there are many ways to distinguish it from the rest. From modern innovation to traditional arts, these tips should help you to make your house truly yours and a place that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come.

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Top 20 Most Cool Things That Your Dream Home Need To Have

Top 20 Most Cool Things That Your Dream Home Need To Have


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7 Most Beautiful & Romantic K-Dramas Posters (2020-2021) – Kpopmap

7 Most Beautiful & Romantic K-Dramas Posters (2020-2021) - Kpopmap


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Dream need cool things most source. Affiche;cinéma;films. "run on" (2020 drama): cast & summary

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