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Humans may be largely guided by societal rules, but sometimes it pays off to really understand why those rules exist in the first place. Case in point: international business etiquette.

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International Business Etiquette

Handshakes between two business people

In the business world, being polite, respectful, and professional isn’t just a way to make friends, it’s a necessity. International business etiquette is an important element of successful business communication since it can have a big impact on how people in other countries perceive you. Different cultures view business interactions differently, and knowing what to do and what not to do can be the key to a successful working relationship.

In the U.S., we’re used to shaking hands when we meet someone. In Japan, however, that same gesture is seen as too intimate. Instead, a slight nod is more appropriate. In India and the Middle East, it’s best to wait for the other person to initiate a handshake and reciprocate it gently with the right hand.

Gestures can tell a lot about how each culture views certain topics. Though nodding your head “yes” or “no” can mean the same thing in multiple countries, a “thumbs-up” gesture in the U.S. has a positive connotation, but in Thailand it can be seen as a rude insult. Other customs and concepts, like eye contact, casual conversation topics, or even how you greet someone can be seen as offensive in certain countries and cultures.

What may be standard business practice in one culture may not be accepted in another. This is why it pays off to understand international business etiquette: it can help you prepare for a successful business relationship with someone in the future. Knowing the basics, such as the right gestures, the best way to approach and engage with a client, and the appropriate way to interact with someone of the opposite are all key concepts to understanding and respecting different cultures.

Smart business people realize that adapting to the culture and customs of the countries they’re dealing with is just as important as their message itself, and respecting international business etiquette can go a long way in building relationships with potential partners and clients around the world.

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