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Whether you’re into architecture or tattoos, sometimes you come across something so astounding that you just have to marvel at it. Today, we’re taking a look at two of the largest single roofed structures and most impressive head tattoos known to man.

The Millennium Dome

Standing in Greenwich, England, the Millennium Dome was initially built to cover the Millennium Experience exhibition and honor the year 2000. It’s a huge dome-shaped structure made out of steel and is the largest single roofed structure in the world. It sits on Olympic Way, and although it has had a variety of functions over the years, today it’s home to the British entertainment group, O2. The silver colored building reflects well in the River Thames which is nearby, making it even more attractive. To keep up with the times, the dome itself has been updated – this includes rigging and huge screens on the inside to allow even greater entertainment.

Photo of the The Millennium Dome

Head Tattoos

Head tattoos is an incredibly popular tattoo trend amongst people around the world. They’re usually daring designs that are made to look like hair and often with interesting effects and designs. Perhaps not for everyone, everyone loves to marvel at the impressiveness of some of these head tattoos.

Photo of the head tattoos

Since it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to create a successful head tattoo and cover the entire head if desired, the process can take up to dozens of hours and more than one sitting. Not only that, people go the extra mile and create 3D effects which make these tattoos even more astounding and alluring. Depending on the design, it can look like the wearer has a full head of hair, and some designs are even made up of symbols, shapes, animals and text.

Whatever your preference, it’s obvious that the Millennium Dome and head tattoos are two structure and art respectively that have had an effect on people across the world, with their respective displays of size, artistry, skill and creativity.

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49 Insanily Cool Head Tattoos -DesignBump

49 Insanily Cool Head Tattoos -DesignBump


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The Millennium Dome – WriteWork

The Millennium Dome - WriteWork


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